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Your Questions About Jeremiah 29 11 Tattoo Designs

David asks…

What do you think of this tattoo design?

It’s a feather pen next to an inkwell. The pen is dripping ink into a little heart-shaped pillow. Along one side of the pen is the reference “Jeremiah 29:11-14″ and along the other side is “Psalm 45:1″.

It’s black and wouldbe on my shoulder blade.

pookie answers:

I looked around everywhere, and I haven’t seen a tattoo like it. Just the feather pen dripping ink concept is unique. I assume there’s some personal meaning behind the design. Are you a writer?

Mark asks…

How much do you estimate this tattoo costing?

I am looking at getting a tattoo in December, but I want to have an idea of the cost of the tattoo.

I want a black tattoo on my wrist (below the crease). It will include “Jeremiah 29:11‘ with a sun, heart, and cross symbol below the verse. The overall design is very simple, although I am not quite sure what font I want to use.

About how much would you estimate the tattoo to cost? I live in Northern New Jersey.
I have considered the location (below the crease of the wrist) and the tattoo. It has a lot of significance, and I understand the need to cover up the tattoo for certain situations. I am, however, hoping to, eventually work from home as a writer.
I designed the tattoo months ago. I have drawn the design on my wrist in marker and I have been able to live with the design for weeks at a time, and the longer I wear it the more I love it.
The design is actually not that complicated.

l l
IJeremiah 29:11l
l *sun* *heart* *cross* l
l l
l l

The graphics I want will be very simplistic and black. I don’t want to get too fancy with the tattoo.

pookie answers:

It honestly just depends on the place that you go. I got something on my wrist as well. The place I was originally going to go to was very, very professional. They have a minimum of $100. I changed my mind – no way in hell I would pay that much to get a tattoo. I called up another place that was a little on the sketchy side, but still professional, and it only cost me $35. They had no minimum. Try to haggle your tat. Tell them “Well, blahblah will do it for $50 but I heard you guys were better. However, I don’t feel that this should cost $75. $50 sounds more reasonable.” Have fun. :)

Nancy asks…

What do you think of this tattoo design? What should I do to improve it?

I want to get a tattoo to symbolize my life-long love of writing and my continuing struggle to overcome depression/biploar disorder and other issues relating that. I’ve been looking at various designs, and I don’t want to commit to anything unless I’m absolutely positive of what I want. (I’m 19 though, so while I am young, I am an adult.)

I want the tattoo on my shoulder blade. It will be a feather pen and inkwell. Along one side of the feather, I want the reference “Jeremiah 29:11-14″ and along the other side, I want “Psalm 45:1″. Then, from the feather pen, I want ink to drip into a heart-shaped puddle.

What should I do to improve the tattoo? I’m open to color… maybe green or orange for the feather (depression/self injury colors), etc…. or even some kind of design on the feather (like a peacock design or adding a butterfly or something like that into it). Should I omit the inkwell and just keep the feather pen?

I’ve also been thinking about adding “omnia vincit amor” (Love conquers all), but again, I’m not sure.

I know I want to have the feather pen, dripping ink, and the scripture references, but I could use some advice on the rest of the design.

pookie answers:

Instead of writing out “Jeremiah 29:11-14″ and “Psalm 45:1″, find pictures to incorporate the meaning of each verse. With Jeremiah you seem to have done that. There is a ton of great religious art and I’m sure with patient searching you’ll find images that fit into your tattoo. Having “Omnia vincit amor” coming off the feather pen is the way I would go. Good luck.

Jenny asks…

What do you think of this tattoo design? Any suggestions?

I’ve been planning on getting a tattoo for almost three years now, and even though my mind has changed throughout the thought process, I keep coming back to the same ideas (it will probably be close to a year before I get the tattoo- I’m almost 20 now).

I want to get it on my ankle/calf area because it’s the one area of my body that I can easily show or hide without any trouble (and that won’t compromise my comfortability/modesty standards).

I basically want to get a feather pen (possibly a peacock feather) with two flowers (like in the picture). However, I want to get it with a rose and a honeysuckle blossom as those are my two favorite flowers and they’re the flowers for my birth month (June). I also would like to get a bee because my name means “honeybee” and I’ve fallen in love with that concept over the years.

Somewhere in the design, I also plan on adding “Jeremiah 29:11-14″ in black ink. That is the one design element that has remained exactly the same since I first started thinking about getting a tattoo, so it’s a must-have.

What do you think of the design? I might not stick with the exact feather used in the picture (I sort of one a more traditional quill- even if I stick with a peacock design), but I wanted to show a general idea of what I wanted. Do you think my own changes make it original enough?

What do you think of getting the tattoo in black and grey? I’m a little torn as to whether I should go for a full-color tattoo or a black and grey one, so suggestions on that are appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Love you all!
I know that individually, these elements have been done before, but I was wondering if adding my own personal twist was enough to give it a little bit of life/personality.

And I’m still not sure about the color vs black/grey thing. I love black and grey tattoos, but I also agree that flower tattoos deserve some color- and I may not get a peacock feather.
I was planning on getting it on the side of my calf- not the back (although, I’m not against it wrapping around a bit. I think it would probably end up being going from my ankle to halfway between my ankle and my knee, but I’m not sure about dimensions yet- but I do know that it would be primarily on the outside of my calf.

pookie answers:

Full color without a doubt for the peacock feather and flowers.
Black and gray usually makes tattoos look dull in a case like this and I think that color is definitely needed.
I think it’s original because of the meaning it has to you, original in a sense of not seen before not exactly true.
I’ve seen peacock feather pens on a few people and flowers, but this is something you have your mind set on and I love the idea.
Go for it!

Carol asks…

Can you help me with tattoo design ideas?

I am planning on getting a tattoo in December on my 18th birthday. I want it to have the verse Jeremiah 29:11, which says “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” I don’t plan on getting this all tattoo since it’s a bit lengthy, so just the ‘Jeremiah 29:11‘ part. I possible want some small orchids and/or a cross.
I am getting this in memory of my mom, since her this was her favorite verse and orchids were her favorite flowers. She just passed away after being in the hospital for 6 months in May 2009. This verse acted as motivation for her, as well as myself.
So I’m just looking for any possible suggestions as far as the design goes/fonts. If you know of any helpful web sights, that would also be good. Thank you for you help!

pookie answers:

I would just put Jeremiah 29:11 with the orchids in various colors. Where do you plan on putting the tattoo? Location will help dictate how many flowers to use and the font. For font examples, I would just open up your Word program and see what you have available, then you can take that font into the shop and have them match it.

I’m very sorry about the loss of your mom. I know what it feels like. I lost my mom in March 1997 after a 3 month battle with breast, bone and brain cancer. In her memory, I have a breast cancer ribbon with swirls on my right forearm. It’s about 3 inches long and takes up a good bit of my forearm. I would go with something that has sentimental meaning to both you and your mom, and something that is going to remind you and give you good memories of your mom when you look at it.
Again, I’m really sorry, but I hope my suggestions help give you some ideas.

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